Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another sad chapter in the tale of the UK.

After banning handguns, the UK saw knife crime skyrocket to fill the void. To curb the knife crime, the UK has gone to ridiculous lengths to control knives. Well they've gone to a new length. Introducing the anti-knife chicken and chip box:

READ THIS: It could stop you going to prison.

In prison;

You CAN'T go to chicken shops whenever you want
You CAN'T hang out with your mates
You CAN'T see your family whenever you want
You CAN'T wear what you want

But right now;
You CAN choose not to carry a knife

That's right. Knife crime is apparently so much of a problem that they've resorted to printing nanny state propaganda on your food. Apparently, these have been around for a few months, but it's new to me. How much do you want to bet this idea will soon reach Chicago? I think the odds are pretty high. I can see it now, "You CAN choose not to buy a gun." That would be the perfect Richard Daley overreaction to the overturning of Chicago's handgun ban.

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