Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yet another tale from Bizarro World.

Burglars make off as police take 50 minutes to attend emergency call.

"One of them was loading the bikes into his car and the other was breaking into the conservatory. I opened the bedroom window and shouted out `Do not move – I have got a loaded gun on you`.”

Mr Thomas conned the burglars into believing he had already dialled 999 and that the police were on their way.

When they saw his shotgun they begged for their lives and started unloading their haul of stolen mountain bikes from their car.

They claimed to have thought the premises were empty.
The raiders drove off into the night as Mr Thomas lowered his gun and finally went to summon police.

Like most DGUs, the gun did not have to be fired. Just the presentation of the firearm was enough to scare off the robbers and save Mr. Thomas's property.

Sussex Police confirmed that it took them 50 minutes to get officers to the scene and that there was no trace of the offenders when they arrived despite control room staff having graded the alert as one requiring an “immediate response”.

The anti-gunners always say you don't need a gun. You can just call the police and the day will be saved. Yet in this case, the police were essentially irrelevant. The police didn't catch the robbers nor did they protect Mr. Thomas's property. It was the gun that saved the day.

Thankfully this was not a life or death situation and Mr. Thomas didn't need to actually fire his gun. Otherwise, he'd be sitting in an English jail. Personally, i'm surprised he wasn't carted off to jail for pointing a gun at someone. We all know how the English police treat people who dare to not be a victim.

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