Monday, March 22, 2010

Murder in Gun Free China.

Chinese Doctor Stabs Eight Children To Death:

Eight children have been stabbed to death by a former doctor at a primary school in China.

Five other children were wounded after the medic stormed into the school armed with a large knife.
The attacker - a former community clinic doctor with a history of mental problems - has been arrested.
Six of the children died at the scene and two others in hospital.
The attacker, who is 41 or 42, had resigned from his post at the community clinic, an official said.
The school, located in Fujian province, was closed and students were sent home.
China has witnessed a series of school attacks over the past several years, which are often blamed on personal grudges or people with psychiatric problems.

Considering that there is no right to carry in China, there was absolutely no chance of preventing this event. And sadly, American children aren't much safer from such an event. Gun Free Zones are nothing more than target rich environments.

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