Sunday, February 14, 2010

Security will protect you.

Really? Why even call yourself "security" if no one around you is secure?

Of course they aren't legally obligated to protect you. And neither are the police for that matter. So why not call these uniformed individuals what they really are: professional witnesses and clean up crew? Also keep in mind that this happened in the same city where up until recently they banned the carrying of guns for self-defense in parks (where "security" isn't even present).


Bob S. said...

What about their moral obligations as a human being?

These are grown men (I presume all men)that could have stopped most of that just by standing up to the young thugs.

I also think the bystanders had a moral obligation to intervene. I didn't notice anyone doing the minimum -- shouting, yelling, trying to get the attack stopped verbally. I'm not thinking a 90 year old granny should have mixed it up with the punks but enough people making it clear "THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED" would have stopped it in its tracks.

AztecRed said...

When the Seattle government won't even allow them to exercise their moral obligation to protect themselves, do you really expect them protect others?

As much as the gun controllers like to go on and on about gun culture, this is the environment the anti-gun culture creates: A society where no one really cares about anyone else or even themselves. They walk about, expecting the government to always be there to protect everyone, even when it's obvious the government either can't or won't.

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