Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Lesson from Canada: They will never respect you.

There are some gun owners who think that if they "compromise" with the gun controllers, they'll somehow earn their respect and no longer be a target of the gun controllers. This is especially true of the "Fudd" types who are more than eager to sell handgun owners and "assault weapon" owners up the river to protect their hunting arms.

Well, handgun owners in Canada have compromised quite a bit. More so than most Americans. And what have they earned for their efforts?

You handgun owners, more than any group of people in Canada, have done everything possible
to earn the respect of your fellow citizens and the federal government.
You have registered your handguns.
You have taken the federal firearms safety course.
You have applied for, and received, a firearms license.
You have answered personal questions about your school and business relations.
You have revealed the intimate details about your mental health.
You have asked your spouse or ‘significant other’ to assent to your ownership of firearms.
You belong to a shooting club.
You applied for, and use, an Authorization to Transport when taking your handgun to your club to shoot.
Your name and address is entered into a permanent RCMP data base.
You must notify the police when your move.

No other group of people in Canada save criminals out on parole is subject to deeper scrutiny.

But still you get no respect.
Your meek, willing, subservient compliance has gained you nothing.

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Looking at the state of gun owners in Canada is like looking into a potential future for American gun owners. Thus we have the unique opportunity to examine firsthand many "what if" scenarios. What if we allow them to register handguns? What if we allow them to register long guns? We can learn the outcome of many gun control schemes by simply looking at our neighbors to the north.

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