Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A new strategy... For failure.

From the latest alphabet soup gun banning group:
Because we outnumber the NRA’s extremist members by 50 to 1, NGAC’s economic lever gives our side a strategy the NRA cannot defeat. This is the first time they have faced such a situation.


By initiating targeted boycotts—Starbucks being the first because of their vigorous support of the Pro-Gun Agenda, as evidenced by their allowing open carry of guns in their stores, despite the fact that they have the legal right to ban them—we will create an economic lever and change the balance of power in this fight.

Today was their big day. How much economic leverage did they lever upon Starbucks? Well, not too much:

Assuming every person who liked their Facebook page would have spent an average of $10, Starbucks would have lost a whopping $2550. On the other hand, if every person who participated in the "buycott" spent $10 on average, not only would they recoup their $2550 loss, but make an extra $242,150. In other words, the Starbucks boycott was an irrelevant speck on their balance sheets.

I really hope that this is the future of gun-controller/banner activism, because it works so well in favor of those who fully support 2nd Amendment rights. Why? Because, regardless of what inane activity they plan, whether it is lighting candles or not going to a place that they didn't go to to begin with, 2nd Amendment supporters will always be able to counter them with more warm bodies and, most importantly, more money.

Bought this and left a $2 bill tip.

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