Thursday, February 23, 2012


Things are pretty quiet over at NGVAC ever since their monumental failure of a boycott.

Their last blog post: February 15, 2012
Their last tweet: February 15, 2012
Their last Facebook post: February 15, 2012

Did they reaally run out of steam that quickly? Or were they merely just another astroturf organization *cough*AHSA*cough*? I'm leaning towards the latter. My guess is the Brady Campaign is running low on PR capital, so rather than blemish the viability of their main organization with a failed boycott, they'd create a "crash test dummy" organization (composed of Brady flotsam) to test the waters. Then, if the boycott had worked, the Brady Campaign would join in.

It doesn't help that the Brady Campaign made sure to state that they weren't boycotting Starbucks (despite the fact they've been after Starbucks for a while). Reeks of a bit of "thou dost protest too much."

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