Saturday, February 18, 2012

Canada scaps it's long gun registry.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews told reporters Wednesday, hours before the vote, that the government’s actions are long overdue.

“It does nothing to help put an end to gun crimes, nor has it saved one Canadian life,” he said.

“It criminalizes hard-working and law-abiding citizens such as farmers and sport shooters, and it has been a billion-dollar boondoggle left to us by the previous Liberal government.”

Gun registries do nothing more than fleece law-abiding gun owners of their money and facilitate the confiscation of their private property. They do nothing to prevent crime or increase public safety.

Jeff Larivee, whose wife was killed in the 1989 Montreal massacre, is a spokesman for the Coalition for Gun Control. He said he and many other Quebecers feel outrage at the Harper government’s determination to dismantle laws that, for many, serve as a memorial.

I've heard that sentiment before in regards to the Canadian long gun registry. I think it's kinda sick to advocate keeping a law around, not because it has results, but because it makes people feel good. As Weerd says, "They are neither rational, nor healthy people."

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