Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Jersey law: Guilty until proven innocent.

At least that is what I gather from the story of Brian Aitken.

To buy a gun in New Jersey, you must go through a laborious process to obtain a "purchaser's permit." But that permit doesn't entitle you to possess a gun. A few select groups of people, mostly off-duty police officers and security personnel, can obtain carry permits. But anyone else with a gun is presumed to be violating state law and must defend against the charge of illegal gun possession by claiming one of the state's exemptions.


Putting Brian Aitken in prison isn't going to make New Jersey any safer. It might, however, make some of the state's residents think twice before calling the police, particularly if they own guns. It might even make some New Jersey gun owners wonder if they have more to fear from the state's ridiculous laws and overly aggressive cops and prosecutors than they do from criminals. Given what happened to Aitken, those fears wouldn't be unfounded.

That is absolutely right. Gun control was never meant to make people safer. The purpose of gun control is to use whatever methods necessary to discourage and prevent people from owning and carrying firearms; laws and rights be damned. If you have a gun, you are guilty in the gun controller's mind.

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