Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How does a gun free school campus become more dangerous?

When the system that's supposed to warn you about criminals on campus doesn't warn you.

Oklahoma State University sends a campus-wide alert about a gunman near campus, but not everyone got it. The suspect shot a student in the leg then ran away. OSU says it sent an alert to 20,000 students and employees. About 1,000 of them never got the call. The University is not sure if a glitch is to blame, or if some people did not sign up for the alert.

I wonder if the person who was shot was one of those who failed to receive an alert. I must admit though that a failure rate of 5% isn't that bad.

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Bob S. said...

What should the people do; hold up the text message on their phone and say "Can't Shoot Me because I know you are here"?

Seriously, I can see the usefulness of the system for people not on campus but wouldn't it work better if the people could hold the phone in one hand and a handgun in the other?

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