Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is why you lock them up. Part IV

What is so hard about keeping criminals in jail?

Following another Chicago tragedy, it turns out the shooter was just another product of our revolving door criminal justice system:

Prosecutors say he was convicted of a felony gun possession charge two months ago and remains on probation. Brisco also had a juvenile burglary conviction.

Probation for a felony gun charge? Surely it was because he was just another nice kid caught up in a bad situation, right?

Witnesses told authorities that Brisco admitted to being the triggerman shortly after the shooting — even bragging about it, prosecutors said.

Brisco made “several incriminating statements including, ‘We let loose on 107th Street,’ and ‘We got down on them, and aired them out,’ ” according to a written list of allegations presented by prosecutors.

“When asked if he knew if the girls were out there, [Brisco told witnesses,] ‘Yes, but we didn’t care, we let the whole 40 clip go,” according to prosecutors.

Sounds like a great kid. Maybe this time they will actually put him in jail rather than releasing him into the wild to kill more innocent people.

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