Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Bureau of Firearms, Firearms, and maybe that other stuff.

At least that's what Paul Helmke thinks it should be.

Judging by his latest complaint, he's perturbed because the ATF is focusing on one of the letters that comes before the "F". Specifically, the "T".

And what does he believe the ATF should be doing instead? Doing away with due process, of course.
But while the ATF announces it will fight our terrorist enemies' access to our cigarette supply, the agency continues to sit out the debate about whether we should close the "terror gap" in our background check system for gun purchases that enables terror watch list suspects to buy all the guns they want, and the gun show loophole that allows them to buy guns without Brady background checks.

Apparently in Paul Helmke's world, it's (still) OK to deny people their rights simply because some bureaucrat placed their name on a secret list.

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