Friday, August 6, 2010

Criminal control, not gun control, reduces shootings.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater has been named one of the winners of this year's Project Safe Neighborhoods Achievement Awards.
Over the last three years, the county has seen a reduction in drive-by shootings, Prater said. In 2006 there were 245 drive-by shootings. Last year there were 100, Prater said. While Prater's name is on the award, he stressed the success his office has had is a group effort across multiple agencies.

That's over a 50% reduction, all accomplished without a single reduction in rights. No registration, no licensing, no long drawn out process to purchase a gun, no extra limitations on where you can have a gun or how many you can have.


mikeb302000 said...

That's great for the drive by shootings, but what about the rest? Do you expect OK to rise to the top of the list of safest states in America any time soon? I don't think so, nor will LA, TX, FL or any of the other gun friendly no-restrictions-on-rights places you like so much.

AztecRed said...

If you look at the 15 safest states to live in, the majority of them are gun friendly, with Brady Campaign scores of 10 or less, with even zero scoring Utah on the list.

What's missing from the list are the top 5 Brady ranked states of CA, NJ, MA, CT, and MD.

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