Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Politicians now engage in Reasoned Discourse®.

Assemblywoman Lori Saldana (collectivist-CA) is using Facebook to push her ban on Open Carry (AB 1934).

Being on Facebook, you'd think there would be an open forum where constituents could discuss the pros and cons of such legislation. And you would be thinking wrong:

Scott Smith I posted a rebuttal to to this video on her page and it got erased. While she enjoys the free publicity of creating a Face Book Page for her bill, she wont engage in debate with people who visit the page. She is a one sided elitist contemptuous liberal enforcing her own agenda and not her constituent's.

I expect "one sided elitist contemptuous liberal" behavior from the usual suspects, but coming from a politician is just unacceptable. I expect bloggers to create the smallest, darkest echo chamber their heart desires. After all, that's their right. Politicians on the other hand, even the "one sided elitist contemptuous liberal" politicians, are accountable to their constituents. Their sole existence is based on the open debate of issues with those the represent. Without debate, they are no longer politicians. They are self-serving proto-fascists.

So I urge all CA residents (or anyone really) to go to the AB 1934 page on Facebook and politely debate the issue with her.

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