Wednesday, April 14, 2010

At least 6 arguments for an Oklahoma State Militia.

A couple of state pols (with the prodding of the local Tea Party) have decided to push for legislation that would establish a state run militia. As expected, the collectivists have lost their collective mind, invoking the new scare-word of the month: "McVeigh". Even some of the non-collectivists are poo-pooing the idea (Looking at you Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.)).

However, there are 6 reasons every Oklahoman (even the rare leftie-Okie) should support a state run militia:
  1. The National Guard is not here - At any given moment, the National Guard can be called to some sandy place halfway around the globe, meaning there is no guarantee that the NG will be here in large enough quantities if at all in the event of a disaster.
  2. Even if the National Guard is here, they can't respond quick enough. - If any lesson can be learned from Hurricane Katrina, it's that the National Guard is a 3rd or 4th responder at best. Local police, fire and rescue are 2nd responders on days when the weather is good. The average citizen is the true first responder in an emergency. And what could be a better (not to mention faster) first response than trained and equipped citizens who are already on the scene of a disaster?
  3. It's already in the state law. - Right here.
  4. Put your money where your mouth is. - If you're one of those people still holding on to the "collective right" theory of the 2nd Amendment, now is your chance to actually support a collective right to be armed.
  5. It will improve our society. - What better way is there to serve your community while learning marksmanship, first aid, firearm safety, and other valuable life skills than in the state militia? You can join and have no fear of being shipped to your death in Carbombistan. You may even earn money for school.
  6. It's would be ours. - The National Guard belongs to the federal government. They use federally owned equipment and can be sent anywhere the federal government wants to send them. A state militia would belong to the state. They would use state (or even personally owned equipment) and would stay in the state. And should a Katrina level disaster occur, a state militia would be less likely to violate the rights of Oklahoma citizens.

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