Monday, April 26, 2010

Deploy National Guard in Chicago?

Of noteworthiness is Snuffy Pfleger's comment of, "Let's stop looking for government to come in and do what we're not doing ourselves first." I wonder if he will remember that the next time he gets on the cross campaigning against people's 2nd Amendment rights?

Also noteworthy, is Victor Woods comment concerning the fear of further alienating "young black boys" by calling in the National Guard. Umm... Call me crazy, but if I were a citizen of the south side of Chicago, my fear of being killed would far outweigh the fear of alienating those who would want to kill me. Like they say Mr. Woods, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. And indeed you are.

"Community organizers" like Mr. Woods, Jesse Jackson, Snuffy Pfleger, and President Obama are part of the cultural problem in Chicago. Their blame passing (whether it's blaming schools or gun owners in other states) is the reason Chicago is in the mess it is in. Chicago needs more community leaders. People who are willing to stand up and say to the criminals, "You are the problem and we are no longer supply you with advocates, lawyers, and forgiveness. When you commit a crime, we're going to make sure you do all of the time. And when you get out, you're not welcome back."

More video:

As for deploying the NG in Chicago, books could be written on the wisdom of such action. We've seen what the National Guard did in New Orleans post-Katrina and it wasn't always good. On the other had, something has to be done to protect the innocent people of Chicago while Daley is busy trying to save his daddy's gun ban.

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