Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lie #16: "The police officers in England don't even have guns."

Aida Ekberg says:

The police officers in England don't even have guns, and just look at how much lower the crime rate is there.

I guess this must be one of those new-fangled H&K tactical wheel locks:

Ironically, the more gun control laws that were passed in England, the better armed the English police had to become. When guns were freely accessible to the English, the police only carried a wooden nightstick and handcuffs. If they needed a gun, they sometimes borrowed one from an armed citizen.

As for England having less crime, that is not necessarily true.

A former civilian disarmament supporter:
The United Kingdom banned guns in 1997. As one indicator of violence against women, between 1995 and 2006 the rate of rape in the UK increased 76.5%, while rape decreased 16.7% in “gun-toting” United States. British women are now raped twice as often as American women.

While gun control in the UK helped reduce certain crimes, other crimes increased to fill the void.

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