Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brady to English translation...

Assault Weapon - Anything that that doesn't require you to manually load the next round of ammunition.

Barrel Shroud - The shoulder thing that goes up.

Blood in the Streets - What happens in gun free zones, but rarely anywhere else.

Child - Any person up to the age of 24 years old

Common Sense Gun Control - Anything we want including bans on entire classes of firearms.

Cop Killer Bullet - All of them.

Gun Lobby - The 4+ million members of the NRA that disagrees with us.

Gun Nuts - Those 60 million or so people who have figured out how to translate Brady into English.

Gun Show Loophole - Something that allows you to sell your own private property.

Straw Purchase - Buying more than one gun at a time, because you're obviously a gun trafficker. You couldn't possibly want more than one gun.

Wild West - Those surprisingly peaceful places filled with armed citizens.

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