Monday, November 17, 2008

Lie #6 & #7: AK-47 hunting and military grade.

Betty says:
The only thing that is legitimately hunted with an AK-47 runs on two legs.

Bears sometimes stand on two-legs, but they can't run that way. Wild hogs are also hunted with AK-47 style guns. Real AK-47s in the US usually spend more time in a safe than in the field.

Betty also says:
Laws on "assault weapons" are there to get military-grade firearms out of the hands of criminals and keep them in the hands of our highly trained, professional soldiers.

Our highly trained professional soldiers do not use the weapons that would be covered by any assault weapons law. The weapons our soldiers use (brand new, fully automatic rifles) are already banned from private ownership.

The weapons that are covered by assault weapons legislation are nothing more than semi-automatic rifles (much like the Browning BAR and other hunting rifles)that happen to look like military rifles. These rifles are not military grade, otherwise our military would use them.

As for keeping them out of the hands of criminals, that is already done. Fewer than 3% of gun related murders are committed with a rifle of any kind, semi-automatic or otherwise.

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