Monday, November 17, 2008

Half-Truth #1: Cars kill more people.

Betty continues:
Cars kill more people than guns do!! That's why we license, insure, and train all car operators! We, the responsible hunters and sport shooters of Texas, need to encourage more people to go through the CHL course to learn their responsibilities and rights.

True. Cars do kill more people than guns, but that's not why we license, insure, and train all car operators. We license, insure, and train all car operators because most people operate their motor vehicles on public roads. If you're operating your motor vehicle on private property (a race track for example), the requirement of a license, insurance, and training is solely at the discretion of the property owner.

Thus, motor vehicle licensing, insurance, and training are more more akin to concealed-carry licensing and training (operating a firearm on public property), not licensing and training for gun owners overall.

But that argument is moot as Barack Obama supports a federal ban on concealed carry licensing.

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