Friday, November 7, 2008

Lie #4: Foreign Battle Fields.

Obama also supports making the now-expired ban on assault weapons permanent. "Such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets," Obama's Web site says.

Truth: Not a single "assault weapon" found in a gun store can be found on a battlefield in any country.

In order to buy a weapon that can actually be found on a battlefield, it must built before 1986, the buyer must submit to a 3-4 month ATF background check, be fingerprinted and photographed, pay for a $200 tax stamp, and have the explicit permission of their local chief law enforcement officer. And that's only if the buyer's state allows them to own a class III firearm and the ATF allows them to purchase the weapon. In other words, they are already essentially banned for anyone except a few, wealthy, privileged few.

An assault weapons ban (in the vain of the expired ban) would not affect weapons that could be found on a battlefield. It would only ban guns that are designed for civilians; Guns that are responsible for less than 3% of gun murders.

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