Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sen. Constance Johnson is wrong about Open Carry.

In the US News Debate Forum, Democratic Oklahoma state senator Constance Johnson writes an argument against open carry claiming that it's an invitation to chaos. Like any other anti-gun argument, none of her argument is based on facts or statistics and is instead heavily based on speculation and fear of the chaos which has never manifested itself in any other open carry state.

 The reality is that Oklahoma's Open Carry law will change very little of our current self-defense law. It doesn't allow anyone to carry guns in any new public places. No new individuals will be allowed to carry a gun. It doesn't allow anyone to brandish a gun or shoot people for any reason. The law essentially makes a concealed carry license into a concealed/open carry license. All other laws still apply. There will be no more chaos after this law than before.

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