Monday, April 30, 2012

Where Chicago's problem begins.

Eric Holder stated that people must be brainwashed against guns and that is exactly what is going on Chicago public schools under the guise of "community organizing":

In this video, the woman who is speaking is blantantly pumping children's minds full of the bull that is typical of the gun control/ban movement: She equates licensed concealed carry to gang bangers shooting innocent kids, says the NRA wants everyone to have guns, etc. And any dissent by the students is quashed with appeals to emotion, facts be damned. It is textbook cult indoctrination. Now imagine if the NRA or even just a private individual went into a Chicago school lauding the ownership of firearms. Telling them about people who have saved lives with firearms or how much fun shooting can be. The gun control/ban movement would lose it's collective marbles (what few marbles they have). And if you dared to give Chicago school children a marksmanship lesson, they'd be calling for your arrest. That is the problem we face with Chicago, NYC, DC and other isolated urban enclaves. We have years of anti-gun indoctrination to erase before we can dare propose such simple things as allowing a licensed individual to carry a firearm.

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