Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jesse Jackson needs to stay in his lane.

Yesterday, Jesse Jackson brought his Professional Victim Roadshow to my beautiful state.
OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Rev. Jesse Jackson says his Rainbow PUSH Coalition will organize to change gun laws in Oklahoma, where a shooting spree recently terrorized residents in a predominantly black section of Tulsa.

Jackson and members of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus met Wednesday at the state Capitol and talked to reporters about concerns over the case and other recent violence. The civil rights activist called the Tulsa incident a "terrorist attack" that sent "traumatizing waves of fear across Tulsa and the state."

"We cannot allow the terrorists to steal our dreams," Jackson said.


Jackson's Chicago-based Rainbow PUSH Coalition is supporting a ban on assault weapons, while challenging both legislation that would allow open carry of guns in Oklahoma and a current law that lets residents in that state use deadly force when necessary to protect themselves against death or great bodily harm.

That is rich. If five guys getting shot is a "terrorist attack", what do you call this? Armageddon? Jesse really needs to concentrate on the "terrorist attacks" in his own city before he goes meddling in the business of others.

And speaking of terrorists, what is it going to take to make Jesse and the rest of his fellow race hustlers realize that the only terrorists terrorizing the black community are other black people? If I were to be shot as I walked out of my front door, 9 times out of 10, my killer would look like Trayvon Martin, not George Zimmerman. In other words, for every 10 black men killed, 9 of them were killed by other black men. That has nothing to do with open carry, assault weapons, or Stand Your Ground laws. It has everything to do with the break down of the black family unit, in which Jesse's liberal handlers had a hand in.

So please, Jesse: Stay in your own lane. Go home. You may find a few wrong headed supporters here, but for the most part, Oklahomans do not like you, do not like what you represent, and do not desire the "society" that you are peddling to us.

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