Friday, December 31, 2010

Sometimes the writing is on the wall...

And as clear as day:

...and by making me purchase hunting ammunition for target practice, it'll cost me $1 or $2/round every time I goto the range... eventually I'll stop going. Eventually the next generation will lose interest in such an expensive hobby. Its essentially putting a "poll tax" on exercising a right, and eliminating the next generation of shooters and hunters...and its not acceptable.

Not acceptable to you, but perfectly acceptable to the gun control lobby. I'd even go so far as to say that's their goal. To legislate shooting into nonexistence or at least make into a wealthy man's hobby, like yachting or private aircraft.

Or if you prefer it from the horse's mouth:

And as to expense, since guns and ammunition are lethal and kill people, I think they should be expensive. Cigarettes and alcohol are expensive. Maybe it will discourage some folks from buying them.

Those folks who horde guns and ammo? Maybe they aren't so crazy. Buy it cheap, stack it deep.

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