Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free Brian Aitken.

It's no secret that New Jersey is hostile to gun owners. It's a state where all gun owners are presumed guilty until proven innocent. This is also the same state that the Brady Campaign ranks as #2 for it's "strong gun laws"... And they want more. As if being imprisoned for doing nothing wasn't enough. So keep Brian Aitken in mind when you hear gun-controllers speak of "compromise". Arbitrary imprisonment is their "compromise".

Help Brian Aitken, an innocent man, be a free man by Christmas. Click here for instructions on how.

UPDATE 12/20/10:
Looks like it worked. Brian will soon be a free man. Will he get his guns back? Will he get his rights to buy a gun back? Will he stay in New Jersey?

UPDATE 12/22/10:
Looks like he is getting out of New Jersey.


Hecate said...

Commuting his sentence to time served still leaves him technically a felon. Getting the conviction overturned on appeal might be better in the long run to a pardon. The problem is, can Mr. Aitken get a fair appeal in the Volksrepublik of New Jersey?

AztecRed said...

Well hopefully he can get the conviction overturned. Even if you ask the most woefully uninformed person about whether what he did was felony worthy or not, most people will say no.

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