Friday, November 6, 2009

Lie #20 : This is how they will spin it.

It was only a matter of time before the Brady Campaign used the Fort Hood shooting to push their usual lies.

Brady Campaign: Fort Hood Killer Reportedly Chose “Cop Killer” Handgun

While no police officer has reportedly been killed by a suspect armed with a Five-Seven, it may now have taken the lives of U.S. soldiers. Today, several news sources are reporting that it was the Five-Seven that Nidal M. Hasan used in his shooting attack at Fort Hood in Texas Thursday.

Isn't this rich? A "cop killer" gun that they're not even sure has ever killed a cop.

I'd also like to ask Peter Hamm how a gun can be "designed to fire bullets through body armor." It's ammunition that determines if a bullet can penetrate body armor. Not the design of the gun.

The 5.7x28 mm round fired by the FN Five-Seven is essentially a high velocity .22 caliber rifle round similar to the .22 Hornet in ballistics. In it's consumer form, it cannot penetrate body armor. FN Herstal does make armor piercing ammunition in 5.7x28, but it is only available to law enforcement and military.

In early 2005, Brady Campaign staff purchased the weapon at a Virginia gun dealer and test-fired it. The bullets successfully penetrated a police Kevlar vest.

And as for the Brady Campaign's test firing of the gun at a kevlar vest, they fail to disclose the fact that the 5.7x28's design is that of a rifle round. By the nature of their design, all centerfire rifle rounds will penetrate the soft kevlar vests worn by law enforcement officers. That's because kevlar vests are not body armor. They are not designed to stop rifle rounds regardless of what kind of gun they come from. That makes the FN Five-Seven no more of a "cop killer" than any other handgun chambered in a rifle caliber or any other weapon that fires the 5.7x28 round.

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