Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I don't think it's normal behavior to be a homosexual.

I don't think it's normal behavior to be a homosexual, and parades like these which are designed to "raise public awareness," seem like an attempt to make the abnormal normal.

These nut jobs that like to walk around wearing dresses and rainbows to compensate for their lack of abilities elsewhere are too pathetic to even mock. I'm sure you could find a nutty Barack Obama supporter or NAMBLA supporting pedophile in the group if you looked a little deeper. Most "gay rights advocates" shouldn't be allowed out of their home much less the right to walk around in public.

There are a growing number of public events across the country to get the gay crowd to come out of the closet so to speak in the hopes of intimidating the public into accepting their dangerous worldview.

The real world implications of the homosexual crusade is chilling. Consider:

  • Sipping hot chocolate with your toddler at Starbucks while a fellow patron openly engages in public display of affection with someone of the same-sex;

  • Attending a church service with your entire family knowing that the fellow parishioner sitting next to you is a homosexual; or

  • Boarding a crowded bus with your newborn child with upwards of 5 homosexual passengers.

Unless this is the kind of world you want for you and your children, Americans’ need to pick up the phone to call state and federal lawmakers to voice outrage over the homosexuals' extremist agenda.

I sound very bigoted, don't I?


Bob S. said...

LOL!! Great rebuttal !!

Updated my Troll of the Day post to link back to this...awesome job.

tom said...

I once postulated to a former LUG (Lesbian Until Graduation) that if homosexuality were genetic and not a choice, my dislike of homosexuals could just as easily be genetic and I can't control it.

She chuckled and said I had a valid point.


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