Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You're doing it wrong...

MIDVALE -- A violent home invasion at an apartment in Midvale Tuesday morning left one suspect dead and about eight others on the run. Police say one of the apartment residents pulled the trigger.
Four people were inside the apartment at The Springs of Country Woods at 6995 S. 1030 East playing video games around 1:30 a.m. when they heard a knock at their door. One person went to the door, and eight to 10 people tried to force their way in.

Sgt. John Salazar of the Midvale Police Department said, "He tried to push the door back closed when somebody stabbed him in the hand. Then they gained entry."
The intruders forced the four residents into a back bedroom. One of the suspects struck a female. Her boyfriend came to her defense and fought one of the suspects. He got a hold of the suspect's gun and fatally shot him.
After the suspect was shot, more shots rang out. Police say they were fired by other suspects in the apartment. None of the residents were injured except for the man who was stabbed on the hand.

Wait a minute... I thought the bad guys were supposed to take the gun away from the good guys, not the other way around. And what's with 8 to 10 people trying to invade an apartment? That sounds like a good reason to have one of those high-capacity, semi-automatic, assault weapons.

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