Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zero tolerance, zero sense.

I wish I could say this happened in New Jersey, New York, California, Chicago, or some other anti-gun stronghold, but this happened in good ol' Nebraska:

A deaf preschooler in Grand Island, Nebraska, has been prohibited from signing his own name because school administrators believe the gesture he uses looks too much like a gun.

"He's deaf, and his name sign, they say, is a violation of their weapons policy," Hunter Spanjer's father Brian told Channel 10/11.

Hunter uses Signing Exact English or SEE — a form of manual communication that uses modified ASL handshapes in an effort to better mimic the spoken English language.
"Anybody that I have talked to thinks this is absolutely ridiculous," Hunter's grandmother told the news outlet. "This is not threatening in any way."

The preschool, which has a strict zero-tolerance policy toward "any instrument...that looks like a weapon," would not discuss the matter, but said they were working with the parents on a compromise.

Working on a compromise? There should be no compromise. The policy is stupid and it should be a scrapped. Guns are guns. Fingers are not guns. Drawings of guns are not guns. Sticks are not guns. If something can't come out of the end of it and hurt someone, it's not a gun. It's that simple. That should be the new policy.


Ammo said...

There should a revised and properly defined policy against the Guns.

San Diego Wedding Photographer said...

Guns should be used for self protection and not by means of using to any crimes. There are certain limitations in using guns and the policies should be followed.

Anti Money Laundering said...

violence is an evil thing, but when the guns are all in the hands of the men without respect for human rights, then men are really in trouble.

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