Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wait. What? This isn't supposed to happen.

TORONTO (Reuters) - Two people were killed and 23 injured when a Toronto street party ended in gunfire late on Monday, raising fears of violent retaliation in Canada's largest city. ... The shooting raised fears about gun violence in a city that takes pride in its relatively low crime rate compared with U.S. urban centers. Canada has very strict laws controlling the use of handguns, and violent crime is usually rare. ... The murders were the 27th and 28th this year in Toronto. Detroit, a far smaller U.S. city, had 184 murders by mid-July.
A quick checklist of Toronto gun control laws: 1. Assault weapons ban? Check. 2. De facto ccarry ban? Check. 3. Liscensing of gun owners? Check. 4. Registration of guns? Check. It seems none of that worked that day.

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