Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Brady Campaign is wrong again.

Reacting to the fact that despite there being a record number of guns (and people carrying guns) in circulation, violent crime has gone down, the Brady Campaign goes on a baseless, emotionalism laden rant and even manages to attack Lady Gaga for a third time.

"The NRA can't help exposing itself and its any gun for anybody anywhere agenda again -- the way Lady Gaga can't help exposing her...well, you get my point."

A lie often repeated does not become the truth. The NRA has never advocated any gun for anybody anywhere.

"In 2009, gun sales increased. Which means that in 2009, after a successful campaign of fear-mongering about President Obama among its followers, more of the same guys who love guns bought...wait for it, more guns."

It wasn't fear-mongering so much as was pointing out Obama's record when it comes to gun. As for who actually bought the guns, no one knows but the people who bought the guns. To claim that it was "the same guys who love guns" who bought the guns is completely baseless as the only data available is total NICS queries. It could have been one guy buying millions of guns or millions of people buying one gun. No one knows. At least no one is supposed to know.

"America has the highest number of guns in the industrialized world and our citizens make up 80 percent of people in the industrialized world who die from bullet blasts."

That in itself sounds impressive, but when you state it in context with other causes of death in America, it's really not. Not many people die from "bullet blasts" period. Or to state it with equal, but opposite impressiveness: Less than 0.01% of Americans will die from bullet blasts. Percentages are such great tools, aren't they?

The rest of the article is standard Brady fare: Anecdotes of violence designed to pull at your heart strings. However none of it changes the basic truth: We have more guns and less crime.

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