Saturday, September 26, 2009

Creating the new Normal.

This is a video that's long overdue if you ask me:

Sadly, one of the many enemies of the 2nd Amendment is a subset of gun owners. Some people call them "Fudds" or "Zumbos". These are people who claim they own guns, but will always make sure to rail against "assault weapons" and the people who own them.

Some of their more popular refrains:

  • "You don't need a machine gun to hunt."
  • "Those weapons belong on the battle field."
  • "It takes more skill to hunt with my 1903 Remchester."
  • "A good hunter only needs one shot."
  • Etc.

Well, the NSSF has a new program aimed at those people, highlighting the sporting qualities of "assault weapons". In essence, creating a new Normal where the AR and other "black rifles" take their place in history next to the Remington 700s, M1 Carbines, Mauser K98s, Winchester 1894s, and other great rifles that have put food on tables, saved lives, and given countless hours of entertainment

I wonder what Jimmy Carter is going to say now?

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